On Thu, 01 Aug 2002 14:12:18 -0500, Jon Elson wrote:
>I have only had 1 crash of Protel 99SE in the year or so I've been
>running it under Win 2K.  That day, I had been chopping parts out of a
>bunch of libraries, and putting them into other libraries, and all
>sorts of odd things that I don't do very often.

Exactly. This is the sort of thing I do a lot and I don't think it's
reasonable for Protel to crash simply by cutting and pasting between
designs or libraries. My PCB designer tells me a lot of his crashes are
caused by copying components between PCB layouts and libraries. Seems
to me this is a very common activity for design people to be doing -- I
have reused sections of designs regularly since I started using EDA
tools and I'm not going to stop now! At the very least, I think if
Protel has a problem with something you are trying to copy/paste it
ought to catch it BEFORE it crashes and give you some kind of error
message (indeed there is really something wrong with the entity you're
copying). If the data is bad, why wasn't it found out in the source
design you are copying from? Ideally, any weird entity should have been
identified and dealt with when it was entered into the design file.

This kind of thing is pretty hard to blame on Microsoft or faulty

>I got an invalid intruction or such dialog box, closed all the files,
>and everything was ok.  That is the only time I have had a (program)
>error of any sort since changing to Win 2K.

I've seen that too. I've also had several situations where the program
would crash just reopening the design after such a crash and never
recover. The only solution was to revert to a backup file and create a
new part in the library then place it on the schematic. In my
experience, Protel often acts flaky once I've had such an error.
Shutting down Protel then re-opening it usually clears whatever problem
it had. Anytime I get an Exception or Access error from Protel I always
close the program and restart it.

Matt Pobursky
Maximum Performance Systems

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