Dennis Saputelli wrote:

" i am very skeptical about the fading thing which i think is driving the
performance degradation "

It is unfortunate, but seems to be the consistent testimony of many Protel
users that the new DXP software is not improving the ability of pcb designs
to do their work better and more effeciently, and should this not be the
goal of the software vendor ? Is this not the reason we use any tool - to
make our lives easier, to get the job done quicker, to do the best job
possible ? It is one of the sad paradoxes or life that the overall objective
is frequently lost sight of during the implementation of the process.

Here is the ideal:

Buy a software tool to perform a task (It works but is cumbersome is some
The user suggests to those provding the software ("It would be great if the
software did this!")
The software provider fixes the software according to the need of the user.
The process cycles until the product has enough change to warrent a new
release (price reflects improvement).
Everyone is happy. The vendor sells lots of software. The user has a great
product. The end customer gets good product fast. 

Present scenario:

User buys software with great anticipation and at great expense, but finds a
few weaknesses in the tool.
He pleads his cause with the software company, who smiles politely and says,
"Ah but we have a whole new product that you are sure to love". It costs
substantially more money to have the new software, and the user thinks "well
it must be better if it cost all this more money". After further
investigation, the user discovers the new software is completely different
and much more difficult to use, however he consoles himself with that
assurance that the software does offer some new features. He feels trapped
inside the vortex of the "upgrade to stay current market monster". The
monster licks his lips and rubs his hands togehter as he counts up all his
money drained from the users in bondage.

On a more serious note, I will stay with Protel 99SE (SP6) as long as
possible, and wait for Service Pack 7, but expect to be waiting a very long
time. It would fit our company very well to have several schematic licences
and just one or two pcb licences. As it is, we have 10 full licences of
P99SE. A bit pricy when most in our company only use the software for
schematic design.


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