have you posted this to the DXP group?
if not, would you please?

i have the DXP demo on one machine, now expired
a licensed version on another machine
every time i open one to play with it i get so annoyed i stop within a
fairly short time

what are they doing and why, why?
i think it just must be a whole new team and they just wanted to do it
all their way

and where does PCAD fit into to all this?

Dennis Saputelli

Terry Harris wrote:
> Well, this is a bit long - skip to the bottom if you are busy......
> I've been evaluating DXP a little more and I keep finding myself asking why
> the hell did they do that?
> I like the PCB printer in 99SE, so I decide to find out what DXP has got
> instead.
> I load up a demo PCB and find "Fabrication Outputs" and "Assembly Outputs"
> under the file menu.
> Under "Fabrication Outputs" there is "Final". Not very obvious what "Final"
> is (especially is there is no "Draft" option) but I click it and get a
> fancy kind of print preview window.
> The preview window shows 16 pages. It doesn't tell you what those 16 pages
> are or what they are called unless you can zoom into the previews and
> deduce what they are from what will be printed.
> I think what the hell told DXP to generate these 16 pages and what are they
> and where are they configured?
> This print preview window has 3 buttons to control zoom, and even an edit
> box where I can type in a zoom % (although typing something different into
> it has no effect on anything).
> Eventually I discover the only way to do anything but zoom and print in
> this preview window is from a right click context menu. The menu has a
> "Configuration" item, configure what? who knows till you try it.
> I try it and get this really crap dialog which is the equivalent of the
> 99SE PCB Printer tree view. It isn't a conventional tree and by default is
> displayed fully expanded meaning I have a lot of scrolling to do (at least
> the scroll bar is grey not the pale blue used randomly elsewhere in DXP).
> Sheesh this is dragging on but there is just so much wrong to describe....
> The tree branches are the printed pages like "TopLayer" etc and these
> branches contain the PCB layers to be printed.
> If I left click on a PCB layer it gets highlighted - cool but the highlight
> doesn't do anything for you, no Del to delete, no Alt Enter for properties,
> All you can do is  move the highlight up and down with cursor keys.
> If I click on a Page name I am suddenly editing the name. If I double click
> on a page name I am suddenly editing the name. If I click on the icon next
> to the page name nothing seems to happen but actually that name got
> highlighted without showing anything - maybe because page names are
> displayed with a different background colour.
> I know it is highlighted because cursoring up and down takes an extra step
> for the highlight to pass through the page name. I also know because when
> (and only when)  these page names are invisibly highlighted I can hit + or
> - to expand or colapse their branch.
> I can also doubleclick on the icon next to the page name to expand or
> collapse the branch, however, that also brings up a properties dialog for
> the page. The properties dialog is pretty similar to the 99SE PCB printer.
> So I delete some of these pages, which is only possible from their context
> menu and click OK and click close on the preview and close the project.
> I open the project, open the PCB, select "Final" and the same 16 pages are
> back just like it was.
> I find this a bit incredible, compared to 99SE configuring and previewing
> prints is bloody awful and DXP doesn't even save one configuration in the
> project never mind multiple configurations in PCB printer documents.
> I believe CAM output is the same.
> Another gripe is these generated files don't appear in the project pane.
> Generate drill files and you have to leave DXP and find the report file in
> Windows. Sometimes the project pane does show "Generated text files" for
> some generated files but they simply dissapear the next time you open that
> project.
> I am coming to the conclusion that the D in DXP stands for disaster.
> I am annoyed at the lost of the design database and explorer, a great idea
> with a bad implimentation. It should have been improved not scrapped. None
> of my existing designs will convert to DXP without pain, especially for the
> embedded non-protel documents.
> I don't think problems like the above where something which worked well in
> 99SE being crippled by design are going to be fixed in a couple of service
> packs.
> I don't think DXP will reach the non-buggyness level of 99SE in a year.
> The new router seems unimpressive.
> I would have a lot of re-learning to do.
> I have to pay for it and pay for ongoing support.
> I've been using Protel since it was called Tango for DOS. The release of
> DXP and realiastaion that 99SE is now an unsupported dead end means I have
> never had more insentive to switch to a different vendor.
> As the title said Cruch time - do I spend any more time looking at the DXP
> demo and upcoming SP1 re-learning how to use it or do I spend my time
> looking at other packages?
> What do you guys think?
> Cheers, Terry.
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