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PS - Still waiting to hear from someone as to whether this problem exists in

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Subject: Re: [PEDA] KLUNK! - Whats wrong with this picture.

> On 03:00 PM 6/09/2002 -0700, JaMi Smith said:
> >Can we also add this to the Official Protel 99 SE BUG list on Yahoo! ?
> You write it out in a suitable fashion and it can be added.

Thanks, I will, but it may take me a little time, as I am currently "lost in
space" on a project that just doesn't seem to end.


> As for the bug - I am not at all convinced that this is a major issue at
> all and I think it very unlikely that this is the root cause of any of
> Protel's other issues  But I could be wrong.

> I rather think this is a very minor issue - I have noticed it in the past
> but have never considered it of any consequence.  Still if it bothers
> others, and they are prepared to write up the bug list entry I am happy to
> add it to the database.

I am currently working on the "project from hell", on my home system, a
couple of 1 GHz MAX104 ADC's interfacing to a 957 pin Xilink BGA with "LVDS"
controlled impedance differential pairs, which, needless to say, are all
hand routed. My dependence on my home system, and my fear of loosing it all
with an inopportune "crash" of Protel, is what lead me to discover this
problem in the first place. But as I mentioned in the my reply to Dwight, I
have noticed several "hidden processes" (my term), or "phantom copies" (as
Dennis calls them), in the past several days while I have been operating in
this "paranoid mode", and I now unquestionably associate these "background
crashes" with this "KLUNK!" Phenomena.

As to whether or not it really means anything, I will simply say that the
verdict is possibly still out on this one. I do know however, that this
topic has come up here in the forum numerous times in the past, and several
people seem to think that it may possibly be associated with other problems,
such as the still unresolved "occasional crash" for no apparent reason.

Speaking of which, while I cannot remember the exact details, I have had a
number of those unexplained "occasional crashes" in the past week, which I
now believe are directly related, and which, as a matter of fact, are what
is responsible for getting me into operating in this "paranoid mode" for the
past few days.

I think that some of those unexplained "occasional crashes" have been
related to "loading" and "clearing" netlists (from OrCAD), and specifically
some bizarre behavior wherein Protel would not let me hand route anything
after "clearing" all nets and then "reloading" them, until I exited Protel
and restarted it.

Anyway, now that the "KLUNK!" phonemna is "known", I'll bet that it will be
easy to associate any future "crashes" or "problems" with whether or not
there are any "hidden processes" or "phantom copies", and possibly
"recreate" other "problems" with "unknown" causes which have popped up here
in the forum in the past.

I tried to search my local PEDA folder for "Task Manager" and "Shutdown", to
locate some examples of what has been discussed regarding "hidden processes"
or "phantom copies" here in the past, but my "archive" on this system only
goes back to 9/13/01.

I did however come up with a few post that may be relevant, and copied them
in here below.

Thanks for your input.

As a side note, if this seems to be something that we (those in the forum)
can pin down to being a specific problem in Protel 99 SE SP6, then it is
something that Altium should be able to address and fix fairly simply, and
which would truly justify them issuing a Service Pack 7, which could at the
same time possibly address a few other issues too.

To that end, I would request any input from any in the forum regarding this
problem, since we all do not necessarily plan on upgrading to DXP, and it
may not be realistically be really operational for as much as a year yet,
which means that a SP7 really is important to many people out here, and may
in fact be really warrented now.



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> In a message dated 3/6/2002 7:02:47 AM Eastern Standard Time,
> > had to shut down the program occasionally using Task Manager, and every
> > in awhile, when I go to shut down Windows, I find out Protel is still
> Yep. MMU/OS fails to release memory... I've seen other Delphi-based apps
> this in Win2K...


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> On 12:25 PM 6/03/2002 +0000, Andy Gulliver said:
> >Well I've seen it still there at shutdown after a normal close on
> >but it doesn't seem to cause any major problems.
> The most annoying problem I find with the occasional instance of P99SE
> hanging about is that it can lock up Eudora, preventing it from starting
> fully and connecting to the mail servers.  As soon as the rogue instance
> P99SE is terminated then Eudora is OK.  It does not happen very often but
> is still irritating and Protel should fix this bug.
> Ian Wilson

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