On Fri, 6 Sep 2002 13:20:39 -0230, Fabian Hartery wrote:

>The only thing I could relate to with demolishing a DDB architecture is that
>there is alot of data management under this regime. Thus, there is
>associated software complexity and design risk. For the end user, the
>corruption of a DDB has the potential to destroy an entire project.

I really don't know what you see in the 'DDB architecture'. The *only*
advantage of storing designs in a Jet (Access) database is that it gives
access control in multi-user environments (a pretty much unused feature). 

Storing your design in one file or one file system directory? what's the
big deal. If you chose to use a windows file system database the *only*
thing you lost was the access control (and file system permissions can give
you some anyway). . 

If you chose to use a Jet database then you only have access to design
files from within design explorer, that rules out use of (none OLE, and the
OLE interfaces are buggy anyway) 3rd party tools like version control and
the now 1st party Camtastic, Tasking, and Accolade tools - I suggest that
is why the Jet databases got scrapped and IMO about time too. 

What I am seriously annoyed about in DXP is they didn't just scrap the Jet
databases but the scrapped design explorer. It is now only an explorer for
certain Altium tools and you can't even explore half the files they

I use the (flakey) design OLE object storage in 99SE extensively. I keep
PDF files for datasheets, word processor documents, mechanical drawings, I
would even keep photographs of prototypes or problems if the OLE storage of
images was not so horrendously inefficient. I want to be able to store,
explore and open all files associated with a design from Design Explorer. 

DXP makes that history and there is no conversion, if I open one of my
design databases in DXP it attempts to open .PDF datasheets with the PCB
editor for example.

I remember the marketing blurb on DXP (wish I had taken a copy) something
about "new design storage options allowing engineers to work the way they
want to", what DXP actually gave is one design storage option forcing you
to work the way Altium says. 

What I actually expected from DXP was backward compatibility with Jet
Databases and an improvement of the file system database making Design
Explorer work like an enhanced Windows Explorer allowing files to be
manipulated based on file system associations not forcing the use of OLE
for 'alien' files. 

Cheers, Terry.

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