Mike, since you are talking about high density connectors I assume you are 
using minimum via sizes. If so, given todays minimum hole sizes and annular 
rings, is it advisable to route this close to a hole? In my experience, 
taking into account hole position tolerance and over drilling to compensate 
for hole wall thickness, routing this close to 'padless' via might result 
in a short.

Maybe your fab house can do better, but the ones I've used need at least 
5.5 mils around a via hole to prevent break out of the hole wall. This is 
what we use as minimum annular ring. For a decent fab yield we need at 
least 3 mils air gap to the nearest trace. Removing the unused via pad 
during layout doesn't buy us any extra routing room so I don't see any 
advantage in removing the unused via pad.

If you are using vias with a greater than minimum annular ring, wouldn't 
you get the same by just reducing the annular rings on the affected vias?

Mark Koitmaa

At 10:15 AM 9/17/2002, Mike Reagan wrote:
>One feature I would like to see in "future" releases or service packs is
>removal of inner pads before processing gerber data.  In other terms inner
>pads would not be added to a via until a connection is made to that via.
>The reason for this is for high density connectors where I am trying to
>route between pad, I often get violations, when in fact the real gerber data
>will have no clearance  violations after gerbers are processed with removed
>inner pads.   This would allow proper routing in high density connectors.
>The padstack for a via would automatically represent the a via the way it
>really looks to the fabricator not to the designer.
>An no ,I dont want to go the way Accel did with their complicated padstacks
>because then I have to spend time creating a complex stack library with
>silly names.  Editing vias in either PADS or Accel is time consuming,   I
>like being able to double click and everything about that object appears.

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