Yes DRC works as it should and I can route properly, however I can't SEE
what I am routing as the largest pad always covers the samller pad.  It
LOOKS as though there is a short (which there isn't) I know, im being
picky ;-)  I just think it's a pain that bottom/top layer will not show
the correct pad sizes, I certainly think it should.

I just re-tried this on DXP, if I turn multilayer off, I don't seem to
be able to see any evidence of pads at all.  On 99SE at least you can
fool it by turning holes, drill and solder/paster mask layers on.  I
have turned these layers on but I can only see the pads in multi layer
mode.  Am I missing something here?

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On 07:50 PM 19/09/2002 +0100, Rich Thompson said:

>On 09:36 AM 19/09/2002 +0200, Ian Wilson said on PEDA:
> >snip<
>The P99SE DRC system does not consider multi-layer entities as also 
>existing on the various copper layers.  This is why Kulajew's rule does

>not work.  I have raised this with Altium on a number of occasions.  It

>is a
>structural issue I gather.  It is not a bug but a limitation of the 
>underlying architecture.  To us users, though, it is annoying.
> >> very annoying, and its STILL the same on DXP!  What gives Atium?  
> >> We
>do mostly single/PTH boards, and very rarely mulilayer.  My library has

>overy large bottom layer pads (for single sided boards) and very small 
>top layer pads (to encourage solder to flow up pth wall and stop shorts

>etc on top)  this means however that when I route on top layer it
> >loooks< as though im going to short (because I see the biggest pad,
>bottom) and not the extra space around the top pad)  Arrrgh!

I just tested this in DXP - it seems to work OK at least DRC allowed me
bring the top tracks close to the top pad size while bottom layer tracks

were controlled by the size of the bottom layer pad size.

In fact I thought this worked OK in P99SE as well.  The clearance DRC, I

thought, is smart enough to use the different pad sizes according the 
tracks layer.

I must be missing something here.  Can you explain more?  Can you email
(directly not to the list - [EMAIL PROTECTED]) a small sample
showing the issue?

My problem with multilayer entities is really restricted to the
layers like paste and mask layers.


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