OK guys and gals, by now many of you have received the announcement of
Altiums new product:

nVisage, which can be seen at:  http://www.nvisage.com/

They call it nVisage DXP, and at first glance it appears to be a schematic
capture package and simulator to front-end Altiums other products.

Now you know where the other half of DXP is.

Now you know where your ATS money went.

You have complained for years about the garbage that was bundled into Protel
Client 99 SE with PCB, and now you can see the results of your complaints.

If you have the bucks, you can pay for it too.

The press release: http://www.nvisage.com/news.htm

And some details: http://www.nvisage.com/product/index.html

So now all of you guys and gals who have been "beta testing" the "released"
version of DXP know where all of your input and requests and complaints have

Its gone into a new product, which they will gladly sell you a copy of, for
a price.

I wonder if it comes with ATS.


Actually, the real question is: Has Altium really been listening all this
time, and just packaged together all of the fixes and features that have
been requested into a separate product to sell us, as opposed to fixing the
original product, P99SE (which of course we already paid for), or its
replacement DXP, or have they just gone out and bought something else from
someone else, which really doesn't fit anywhere, which they will now try and
integrate with other products, somewhat like the way they attempted to
integrate a nonfunctional Schematic package with PCB in Client.

Is this somehow related to PCAD?

Is this just some other product that just has been purchased and repackaged
in "Altium Wrappings".

Assuming that Altium actually did have a hand in its' development, how do
you DXP Forum supporters feel now?

Ripped Off? Betrayed? Used? Intellectually Raped?

Will you now be abandoned, and told to buy the new product?

Isn't it just a little odd that it shares the name DXP, as if it really is
the "other half" of the new DXP product.

Oh well, should we really expect anything less.

Guess we really just have to wait and see what it really is and how Altium
decides to handle it.

Start saving your money, because Altium wants it, and they are gonna try and
get it one way or another.

Next thing you know they are going to come out with an Autorouter that will
handle Differential Controlled Impedance Transmission Lines. Never mind the
fact that the feature is missing from their current new "state of the art"
Situs Autorouter product that they just released.

Will they call that one dRoute DXP?

Once again,


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