> Norton has had more than its fair share of problems in the windows
> environment (especially W98/ME) with Access Violations & crashes
> to it (all in MS KB), not a good record. It is also not reviewed well by a
> lot of independent sources. But I know many people who are happy with it.

YAA (Yet Another Anecdote):  my stepmom has lots of problems with crashes on
W2K and Autocad 2002 and Norton Anti-Virus.  She was asking me why her brand
new dual Xeon system keeps crashing.  I asked her what software she runs on
it and when she said NAV, I said that could be her problem.  An AV program
has to intercept OS file reads and writes, so it is very intrusive software.
If the system is already taxed by heavyweight apps, the slightest bug in an
AV program could cause an unrecoverable crash.  If the apps have bad memory
leaks (like I think Autocad 2002 has), this could make AV crashes even more

I don't use AV software for these reasons:
1)  I am careful about what I download (no games or non-essential programs)
2)  I don't accept certain types of attachments from people I don't know
personally, or casual (non-knowledgeable) computer users.  Forbidden file
types are:  EXE, COM, BAT, VBS, VCF, DOC, XLW, XLS, PPT, DDB, MDB, and
anything else I suspect.  If I get an attachment of this type, I immediately
delete it without opening it, and request the sender to re-send it in a more
secure format (TXT, RTF, PDF, etc.)
3)  AV software is a nuisance when you are writing a program and developing
EXEs.  Every time your compiler tries to create an EXE, the AV pops up and
asks you if it's a virus.
4)  AV software must be maintained with $$.  It's a crazy train you can
never get off of.
5)  Ever wonder who writes all those viruses?  Could it be the AV companies?
Why isn't there some kind of DOJ investigation into this?  This wouldn't be
the first occurrence of the business model of creating a problem just to
sell the solution.
6)  AV software can cause system crashes which are usually unrecoverable.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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