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>          If you have a fairly fast network (i.e. 100baseT between systems)
> an option I have used before in the past is to map some shared network
> drives, and then to let another computer with the virus software scan
> drives over the network. Granted it's generally a lot slower this way, but
> at the same time, you can always schedule it to do the scans late at night
> when the system/network isn't being heavily used.

I do have a 100/10 with my two best machines running at 100.

Does this mean that I can run a virus check or scan on my general purpose
machine (which receives my email) from my better machine which had (and will
now again I suppose) the Norton Anti-Virus installed, without having to buy
and seperately install a seperate anti-virus package for the other machine?

I had never thought about this, and guess that it should work for scanning,
but would not really be of direct use on the email which is running all day.

This actually brings up a seperate issue. Are there any "compatibility"
issues with running two different anti-virus packages on different systems
in a "local" little network sucu as mine.

Would I be better off to buy a newer package and run it on my general
purpose machine which receives the email, and scan everything else from
there? (I am not sure that my "IBM Bundled" version of Norton would load and
work properly on another machine without problems, or questions regarding
the "update service")

>          Glad to hear you finally got your problem mostly sorted out,
> though! System crashes/lockups are one of the only things that truly cause
> me to blow my top; I'm generally an extremely calm and layed-back person.
> *laugh*

Actually, it remains to be seen as to whether or not Protel will perform any
better with more memory on this machine.

After all, Protel is Protel, and I have run it before on a P4 at 2.2 GHz
with 500 MB of main PC400 memory and 500 MB of cache, and still had lots of
problems with it (including crashes), although I do expect it to run a
little better when it comes to those large polygon fills, and hopefully the
print previews of the large polygon fills won't crash as often with the
extra memory.



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