Sorry for the late response, but I am just now catching up on some of my

Thanks to all of you who responded to my initial inquiry, and for the many
inputs on Anti Virus Software, and on Defragmenting the Hard Drive.

On the first issue, I have not had any problems with anything in my
installation so far after reinstalling Windows 2000 and everything else with
the 512 Meg of RAM installed, not even so much as a hiccup. But I have
decided that I really do need to bite the bullet and reinstall the Norton
Anti Virus Software. I just keep putting it off because I am afraid of the
results, i.e.: that it will crash, and I will have to reinstall everything
again. It really is just a mental block on my part, and I know that once I
just do it, it will be OK. If it does happen to fail after installation, I
will report back. I think however, that this was just an issue of some
bizarre problem with Windows 2000 not being able to adjust to the change in
the amount of memory installed without being reinstalled.

On the issue of Defragmentation, there were many good points presented, and
I know that there are a lot of pro's and con's to the issue, and maybe I
should have mentioned that I like to do a Defragmentation of the Hard Disk
after I do a Major Install of Software, such as an initial load of Windows
2000, and again, after Installing all of the Service Packs and Upgrades.
Among other things, this will clean up all of the areas that were used by
any "zipped files" or "cabinets" that are no longer needed, and in my mind,
this kind of keeps the whole thing grouped in one place on the disk, with
all of the applications and related files not only contiguous on an
individual file basis, but also contiguous as a group of related files.
Again, to my mind, this makes good performance sense. I will also do a
defrag after installing other program files such as Microsoft Office and
other things which consume a large amount of Disk space, such as the full
Adobe Acrobat Installation. Once I get all of those normal things Installed
and Updated and Defragmented, and kind of "packed in" as it were, I will
then go ahead and Install Protel, with it's Service Packs if necessary, and
then again do a Defrag. Then Comes CAMtastic, and then comes DXP, etc.. In
general, this makes for a very long day in terms of Installing Software, but
on the other hand, as far as 97 percent of these files are concerned, once
they are in position, they will be there forever, and the Defragmentation
Software is not smart enough to group them back together with their
corresponding applications once they get scattered about the Drive, so the
extra time spent at install seems worth the while. Anyway, this generally
means that what is left to be Defragmented is only user files at the end of
the install, and certainly, after a few Derfagmentations, everything else
kind of "bubble sorts" its way to the end of the drive anyway. Which to me
means that I do not have to Defragment the Drive as often to keep the
performance optimum.

Which brings up another Pet Peeve of mine. FindFast. I always shut this
down, since nothing is more annoying to me than to have something out there
screwing around in the background with my Hard Drive I am trying to
concentrate on something else. Maybe it wouldn't be so bad if I had a
quieter Hard Drive and disconnected the "HD LED".


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