On 09:40 AM 20/01/2003 +1100, Julian Higginson said:

Can't you set a negative clearance for this problem?

Work out your overlay line thickness and then set the component clearance to
-(thickness/2) This should work, though it is untested....
No, negative clearances do not work.

I have been encouraging Altium to implement negative clearances for a while now. However, I suspect that if they did address this it would be part of a much more elaborate system that would link into the 3D stuff - component clearance is after all a 3D issue in some cases. I don't know anything that you don't about this - just a guess.

DXP has a sort-of-solution that is OK for me. The more elaborate rules and queries allows you to turn *off* component clearance checking between just the two (or few) affected components, without preventing clearance checking between all the other components (and in fact between all the other components and the two affected components). This is done by using a rule that excludes checking between these components rather than trying to make a rule that pertains to just these two components. In other words instead of an ALL-ALL rule you have a rule that is something like Not(InComponentClass('OverlappingStuff')-Not(InComponentClass('OverlappingStuff') rule, where 'OverlappingStuff' is a component class you have set up containing just the components that you want to allow an overlap on. If you don't follow don't worry - it would be obvious enough to those at all familiar with DXP.

I would prefer, though, that the DXP was modified to accept and check negative clearances in the interim. In most cases this would be sufficient - full 3D modelling is not required all that often. I would not expect to see P99SE updated to accept negative clearances, whoever nice it may be.

bye for now,
Ian Wilson

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