> back and forth, so the following is more likely to reflect on Mr. Regan's
> unfamiliarity with the synchronizer, ......

I would be glad to provide you with a very large design that chokes Protel
and makes snails pace look like a rabbit.  Viewing  time for a backplane pcb
takes upwards of 1 hour just to bring it up on a 600 Mhz machine,   Of
course  upgraded our  pcs just handle large designs like these.     A fresh
netlist import can take 4 - 6 hours.   After using the synchronizer on
medium designs , we gave up on that avenue about a year ago.   I m not
shaking my doodads by  stating my boards are bigger than anyone else's   but
I do know the synchronizer,  will choke for days when we attempt to use it.
Simply reloading the netlist  over  a current netlist  will  take an entire
day maybe until the next morning.    We cut that time down to about 4 hours
by clearing first.      I am not exaggerating   as I would be glad to
provide you with as many different designs as you would like to attempt to
load.  We even killed Spectra with two designs.

>Further, the clear process is unnecessary.<
  Our Clear, load, connect, run drc method has come to us thru long coffee
breaks while  waiting for Protel to catch up.   I'm not knocking the
program, because I have never used any other program for designs this large
therefore, I don't know how they would respond either.  I would imagine any
program would be slow, its alot of stuff to remember.
Both the netlist load and synchronizer,  will go off to Thailand before the
pc responds to any options,   We cant tolerate that as we have lost too many
man hours waiting.  We hit Cntl ALT Del  then tried another way in  until I
found out four step recovery program   (joke)    I found clear to speed
things up, the difference  in load times dropped from  minutes vs hours on
medium size boards with maybe 1500 components

Connect Copper...
Well....You are sort of right .. you may have to do a little work ,
re-assign split planes and polygons,  when you use the connect copper
command.   The DRCs will catch it, it is the last of my four steps to

The four steps work without failure, every time.  I do not trust a netlist
load without clearing first because as we all know we don'ts know which
cycle even or odd the load is on.

Mike Reagan

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