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Just today, I had an EMI house require a specific breakdown of critical
nets.   I wont define critical here but you get the picture,   I need a
netlist to provide him the information.   I cant provide this information on
a system that is not netlist driven.
I agree that the netlist has a place for many users and is often the most sensible way for some users.

I don't see the link, though, between using the synch and not being able to provide a netlist to a third party. You can easily use the synch and provide the netlist to others. Actually, the synch is netlist driven, it is just that the netlist is not created and saved on disk. If someone using the synch needs a netlist it is easily able to be generated.

For many of us doing boards that are not as large as what you are doing then the delay in using the synch is much less than the delay in doing the steps you undertake. As the designs get bigger then the human element of the process becomes a smaller percentage and so the speed advantages of the netlist import become more significant. (Have you set up a macro to do the import and "update free primitives from pad"?)

Mike - are you suggesting everyone should use the synch? Or are you pointing out that it is not appropriate for everyone?

I would suggest that users would be well served by using the synch and only if they find, in their current circumstance, it is becoming a significant drag on their productivity should they look at netlist import. Note that "drag on their productivity" can be defined in many ways not just time of actually updating a PCB, it could include ease of dealing with 3rd parties.

I am more interested in whether you think everyone should always use netlist import.

Ian Wilson

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