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Hi All

Has anyone used the process PCB_SS:Import, it seems like you should be
able to export to a spreadsheet, edit there and import it back, but I
can't get working.

Yes - this does work but there is a *vital* thing you must know.

You *must* keep the Protel session active and all documents open during the spreadsheet edit.

When you export to the spreadsheet you will (may) notice that column B is hidden. This column contains a "handle" of the source object. It is the mechanism that the spread import will know what to change when you import the changes. These handles are not persistent, that is they are probably different each time you open a document. So open the PCB (or all the sch sheets if doing a Sch export), export the stuff you want, do the changes in the spreadsheet (see note below) making sure not to change the hidden handles at all, then on the Spread server menu click on File|Update. All will be sweetness and light. Just don't close any document until the whole export, change, update cycle is complete.

You can copy and paste all of the P99SE spreadsheet to a more capable spreadsheet, do the changes and then copy and paste back over the P99SE Spread data - I am not sure if you first have to unhide Column B in P99SE Spread to do this. It is OK to change the order of the rows as long as you don't muck up the data in a row - so you can sort the data as long as you keep rows together during the sort.

The reason I am interested is that that I would like to do do the

Use a layer say Mechanical layer 4, where an outline and a designator
for each component could be placed.
The outline would be different from the Top Overlayer (silk screen)
e.g.. a box around 0805 resistors and placed in the library with the
My problem is to get the designators to be independent of the components
and placed on Mechanical Layer 4.

You could use the special .Designator string in the PCB lib component to help here. Are you aware of this capability? Like Sch, PCB has a number of special strings, some of which only make sense in PCBLib components.

Bye for now,

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