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Harsh! Protel works for me and I've got lots of projects in Protel. I can't switch 
unless I can prove another software works better, costs no more than Protel, and 
doesn't have a big learning curve.

Don't rain on our Protel parade. It's all we've got.

Jeff Adolphs
Lake Shore Cryotronics, Inc.

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Ah, and I nearly forgot. Can DXP do symbol pin entry through a text file or
spreadsheet? If not forget it. Not many managers can get their head around
the fact that it can take 4 or 5 days to create a really big schematic
symbol and check it properly. I agree that the Orcad spreadsheet entry
system is fairly crude but it does work as advertised and I can cut down
the 4 to 5 days to build and check a part in Protel to  less than 2 days in
Orcad. In fact the spreadsheet concept is used a lot in Orcad and it
simplifies a lot of work that is done with dialogue boxes in Protel. Not
having to click a dialogue box half a million times makes for a big saving
in RSI alone.

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Strange this, I am going in exactly the opposite direction. I used Orcad
for 8 yrs until my present job introduced me to Protel. I am crowing with
delight now that the firm has cut a deal with Cadence. Protel has got the
"look and feel" right and Orcad is undeniably clunky but I still can't
believe that any professional app could be as unreliable as Protel.
Crashes frequently and thoroughly,  can't do hierarchy properly, can't
screen single pin nets ( very embarrasing ), leaves routes hanging
unconnected without warning, cannot reconnect a netlist to routes
competently. The SI tools are very fragile and do strange things without
warning, there is no documentation to properly describe the workings of the
SI tools... (ie the calculation engine(s)). I have no idea without doing
experimental work as to how much of the SI output is true ( again,
embarrasing ). It was as though the authors got so far and then gave up.
They did all the up front look and feel stuff but forgot the really
important hard edges.
No way has my experience with Protel given me the slightest desire to try
DXP. I am on my last Protel project now and it is Orcad and Specctra from
now on... yippee!!

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Hi all, I used to use Protel 99SE about 3 years ago. Then with a new
job, the company has Orcad. I've been using Orcad now for the 3 years
and I am absolutely disgusted with it. I'm trying to convince
management to go to Protel. All I wanted to know is how everyone
feels about the new Protel DXP. I really want to switch back to
Protel and any info would be great! Thanks for the replies


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