Thank you very much, this does make sense but where the hell is supporting
documentation from Protel. I am very, very sure that these instructions
don't appear in my 99SE  manual.

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>Ah, and I nearly forgot. Can DXP do symbol pin entry through a text
file or

Dunno about XP, but that's certainly how I do big schematic parts in
Build yourself a new library with a single part in it, that part having an
example of each of the pin types you're likely to use. (In, Out, O/C, etc),

some token text and an outline box. Save the library as ASCII, and copy
& paste those pins (messing with the coordinates and names) to your
heart's content.
A text editor which supports column editing (like Ultraedit) will let you
paste columns of pin names and numbers in straight from datasheets.
You can also copy the section headings from the datasheet in as text,
as a label for each cluster of pins.
When you've done all the pins, open the library with Protel agan, shuffle
the pins into functional groups, or however you like, and copy the
resulting part into your main library.

There's obviously some faffing, but it's reduced the week of living hell to

just a crappy afternoon, and the results are good so far. (and, since
you're not typing all the pin names in over and over again, they tend to
have fully descriptive names from the datasheet - good if you're using a
device where a pin name can be huge, with lots of options. (TI DSPs are
particularly prone to this, and are what forced me to experiment with
the technique - no way was I going to manually make all those

Hope that helps!


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