Al this is probably true. What a lot of posts have demonstrated is that the
desirable features of Protel are not properly documented. Thus they are no
use at all. I am one of five engineers who joined the company and started
with Protel three years ago. Not all of us were previously using Orcad
either. We have unanimously voted to give Protel the slow handclap. I agree
it is a nice interface, but it seems the most useful features are
undocumented., Where are the bug reports for ATI graphic card problems?
Where are the patches to fix it? I have scoured the Protel website for
issues like this. Maybe a shame we didn't find  this group sooner.  I  do
know that Cadence give me a 24hr support service which has not failed yet
to get my job moving after a problem. There really are loads of things I
like about Protel but I just don't know when I am going to be trapped in
the next cul-de-sac.

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>Strange this, I am going in exactly the opposite direction. I used Orcad
>for 8 yrs until my present job introduced me to Protel.

Is it surprising that Mr. Gillatt hated Protel? He expected it to work like

OrCAD. It doesn't. For someone coming from elsewhere, the Protel interface
is probably, by a long shot, more intuitive and easier to learn. That was
my experience, and I did learn OrCAD -- a bit -- before touching Protel.
But once you have been brainwashed, once you have been drilled in all the
counterintuitive ways to get things done in OrCAD, Protel will seem strange

indeed. In another post, Mr. Gillatt showed that he was unaware of Protel's

spreadsheet functionality. That's because Protel's spreadsheet is an
option, not a requirement as in OrCAD Layout. You can design boards for a
long time without even knowing about the spreadsheet access to the
database. You could not get through day 1 in OrCAD Layout, as I recall.

Mr. Gillatt reported seriously buggy behavior for Protel. Suffice it to say

that many heavy Protel users (of 99SE or, I assume, DXP) see very, very few

serious bugs. A serious bug causes a crash and/or loss of data or harmfully

defective output. A minor bug is an annoyance only, Protel is not free of
those, but, then again, neither is any CAD program, certainly not OrCAD.

When users have taken the trouble to track down serious bugs, they have
mostly involved hardware issues. Yes, even if everything else seems to be
working fine, a problem with Protel can still be a hardware issue, often
involving graphics boards, ATI being notorious.

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