On 05:03 PM 3/09/2003, Hamid A. Wasti said:
I am current using 99SE and have been sitting on the DXP "upgrade" for a few months. Being a Protel user for almost 10 years, I know better than to use any Protel product right after its release. But being 1 year and 2 service packs into it, is DXP mostly stable and at least marginally useable now, or is further delay advised? Seeing a large number of people on this forum still using 99SE is not encouraging.

A few specific questions:

0) Is DXP stable now or are crashes hourly occurrences like with most of Protel's initial releases?

1) For schematic entry, are there any new features that make the move worthwhile?

2) For manual routing, are they any new features that make the move worthwhile?

3) How bad is the learning curve?

Thanks for your time and input.


Hamid Wasti


There is a degree of self selection going on here. The PEDA group is not the dominant DXP forum. PEDA is mainly a P99SE forum, not by design but in practice. Altium run a DXP forum that has a large membership, mostly of people that use DXP. (http://forums.altium.com)

You could ask in both places and then compare the results. My personal preference is to use DXP, I know at least one other long term P99SE user that has said the same. Stability for me is OK, but P99SE is more stable still (though my current P99SE installation is broken).

There are a number of productivity features in both Sch and PCB. Global editing is the biggest learning curve - the method used in P99SE is pretty much gone, but in its place is a different system. More powerful. Some like it others don't. I happen to like the new system better than the P99SE method. This area (and the related rules) is probably the biggest learning curve. The query system.

The rules system in DXP is more powerful. Also the Sch ERC system is much better in DXP.

I have previously posted a summary of the pros and cons - search the archives - though this could be out of date now. I won't repeat it here, if you have trouble maybe I could dig it up. Maybe it should be on a www site somewhere. There are lots of things both big and small that are different. Whether they make you more productive would depend on the way you work.

The Situs autorouter needs lots of work, it currently does not perform well for me, though others are getting variable results. I gather this is an area being heavily worked on.


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