Alexandre Souza wrote:

    Greetings Everyone, my name is Alexandre and I live in Brazil. I'm a newcomer to 
world of Protel (99SE) and I'm full of questions, maybe you could help in some. :o)

    Protel seems to be complete enough, but even with the training manuals I understand
this is a very complex program to learn. Exactly at this moment, I have a very small
problem: In the libraries I have, seems that NO capacitors or resistors has PCB
footprints. Do I have to create footprints for things as simple as capacitors and
resistors in a $8000 program, or am I being just dumb?

Unlike ICs, resistors and capacitors come in many different shapes and sizes - Protel has no way of knowing which packages you may intend to use, so doesn't try to guess.

Suitable footprints do exist in the PCB library - you just have to find the ones you want. For 1/4 watt resistors, I use "axial0.4", and for small ceramic capacitors, "rad0.1".

The library editors, both schematic and pcb, are quite easy to use, so don't be afraid to try them. If you do any amount of PC design you _will_ have to make some of your own components, or modify Protel's to fit your needs.

Is there a kind of "component browser" in Protel?

For schematic symbols, I often find it quicker to make my own parts than to search through the libraries to see if the part I want exists somewhere.

When you do use Protel's footprints, be sure to check that they will work with your parts. I've found that hole sizes are often too small.

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