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> Subject: [PEDA] oblong Pads/Slots (plated) in P99SE
> I have noticed in P99SE component library that you cannot 
> change the hole size to be a oblong or plated slot for 
> footprints. I know there are alternative ways to call out 
> these drill holes to be plated slots within the pad, but what 
> is the proper or favorable way to do this in P99SE? Thank You 
> in advance for responses.


My favoured way for definition of a cut out (plated or otherwise) within
a pad is as follows.

Create pad as a rectangular shape and define pad stack ensuring the pad
dimensions have allowed for enough free land around the slot.

In the centre of the pad I make the hole size the same as the width of
the slot (rout) that is needed within the pad. 

If the slot is to be plated, then mark the hold plated, if not plated
then mark it as such.

So up to now we have the pad defined, plating status and slot width as
well as the centre of the slot.

I usually define Mech layer 1 as a board outline and use Mech layer 2
for board dimensions.

On mech layer 1 & 2 I draw an outline of the slot I need the same as the
hole diameter in the pad and using arcs with the same radius of the pad
hole to terminate the slot ends.

On layer 2 I add the overall dimensions so that the fab shop can see
where to draw the drill/rout path. I also make a small annotation here
as well to indicate plated status as the pad definition seems to be too
subtle for some fabs, :-( even although it is documented in the release

Sometimes I also place 2 x co-ordinates at the centre of the opposite
arcs within the slot on layer 3, as some front end systems allow for the
start/end points of the slot to be typed in instead of drawn. But these
are useless if the same origin is not used after import to the usable
film box within the CAM tools the fab shop uses.

I prefer to use a single pad for this, I have seen other suggestions
using 2 to mark the rout start/end, same idea as my co-ords above so
that the CAM guys can just draw/snap between the 2 but this has other

Best Regards

John A. Ross

RSD Communications ltd
WWW    http://www.rsd.tv

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