I have been using Protel 2.8 for a long time now.  I recently came across a
30 day demo disk of Protel 99SE that Protel had sent me.  I decided to
install it to see what I have been missing by not upgrading.  I have sort of
just looked around a little but was rather shocked to discover 3 key things:

1 - It's no faster than Protel 2.8 PCB and Advanced Schematic 3.0.  I would
have thought that somewhere along the  way they would have optimized the
code and sped it up a bit.  Apparently this is not the case.

2 - The schematic portion of the Protel 99SE (with service pack 6) STILL
suffers from broken lines when panning.  You know, when you pan the image
and then pan back, you discover that many of the lines on the screen are
shifted a pixel or two, requiring you to do a full drawing refresh in order
to see the image look good again.

Does anyone at Protel actually use this thing or do they just write the code
and ponder wistfully about what it's like to actually run the program?  I
remember years ago being told by Protel support that the broken line issue
was a "driver problem," and that it only happened on some systems.  Well, I
have been using Protel with both ATI and NVidia cards of all different
vintages (and on different OS's - 95, 98, 2K) , and it consistently happens
on ALL of them.  As someone who has programmed GDI stuff on Windows quite a
bit, I think the problem is simply that the code they wrote at Protel
suffers from various "off by one" errors, and they are either ignorant or
complacent when it comes to finding and fixing the problem - possibly both.

All in all, so far I am SO glad I decided to stop upgrading when I did.  My
big bitch with Protel has always been that they ignore bugs that affect
everyday use (like drawing a decent image!) while adding new features to
qualify for marketing based upgrades.


PS - So, does DXP also suffer from the broken line issue when drawing

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