Perhaps this is a strange question, but - why do you need a macro
that would create a process container containing a process which would
run Notepad (or any other application).
It seems very complicated.
1. If you need to have certain process available in Schematic (or any
   other) Editor you may assign this process (with approprate parameters)
   to a new menu entry, toolbar button or a shortcut key.
2. If you need a sequence of processes - then write a macro and create
   new menu entry, toolbar button or a shortcut key to run that macro.

Of course - menu entry, toolbar button or a shortcut key would have
the same function for all documents, while a Process Container is
"sheet specific".
But - if you want to create "sheet specific" Process Container with
a macro then you need to modify that macro each time.

AFAIK Process Container cannot contain a sequence of processes and this
inability makes it's functionality very limited.

I'm not saying that what you are trying to do is wrong - I just don't
see a good justification for your efforts.

BTW, it's a good practice to use "ResetParameters" Client Basic extention
to reset the parameter buffer before setting parameters used by a process.
Then the sequence looks like:

    Addstringparameter ...
    Addstringparameter ...
    RunProcess ...

Wojciech Oborski


I try to develop a macro who place process container in sch.
But i have problems.
In my macro before calling the process Sch:PlaceProcessContainer , i give
few few parameters like ProcessName,InstanceName,Selection,color etc.
But when I run my macro it's just place a process container with the good
ProcessName, but without any of  others parameters.
I have try few  testing for InstanceName like "InstanceName or Name or
Intance" but without success.
I fact', only ProcessName run good.I have test every parameters for this
My question is how can I give the good parameters for this process ? is

'This process place a simple ProcessContainer in the current sch
Sub Main

   Addstringparameter "Process","Client:RunApplication"
   Addstringparameter "InstanceName","essai"
   Addstringparameter "configuration","application=notepad.exe"
   AddStringParameter "selection","True"
   RunProcess "sch:PlaceProcessContainer"

End Sub

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