I think, I begin to understand :)

1. I tried to follow your efforts - it seems that something is wrong with
   the Sch:PlaceProcessContainer process or with it's description.
   It doesn't accept any parameters except "Process" - not even
   "Location.X" and "Location.Y"
   Unfortunatelly it's nothing new - as it was stated here several times,
   there are many mistakes in the macro documentation.

2. IMO, there is a problem with reading (by a macro) a string written somewhere
   within a schematic - there are very few processes that let you read
   parameters, mainly you may only write.

   It could be accomplished with a server but the question is - where would
   you place those strings and how to identify them if there were several ones.

   From your explanation (...just modify the name of the application...)
   I assume that you want only 1 Process Container on a sheet - otherwise
   you would need to modify InstanceName as well.
   So perhaps it could be one of Address lines in Document Options that would
   store your string - it could be read by a server.
   But still - it looks very complicated.

As the macro you are trying to develop wouldn't automate very much - you would
still need to modify the Process Container on every sheet, perhaps it's easier
to create the Process Container once and then copy it to all documents that
need it.
I know it's not what you wanted but it seems to be one of those situations
when the efforts to automate something are more time consuming than doing it

If I descover something new, I'll let you know.

Wojciech Oborski


Perhaps my explain was not clear.
I want place process container in sch with macro because it's the only way i
have found to run it simply with sch:ExecuteProcessContainer.
I want choose document in folder outside DDB, get his address (path), store
it via Processcontainer who have 3 parameters:
1)Process : RunApplication
2)InstanceName : Name of document
3)Configuration : application = Nodepad | parameter = address of the selected document

And run it with sch:ExecuteProcessContainer.

Like that, everytime i open my sch i can run the specific document associate
with him.

The problem is not to store the path string in the sch,but to read it after
to open nodepad with the good document.

If you know how read a string (for use in macro)in the sch, i'm very

You know,if i can place processcontainer with parameter,after i can
associate different kind of document (Like PDF,Image,etc)
in the sch.And open there with there specific readers with juste modify the
name of the application in (3).



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