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> On 06:56 PM 20/11/2003, JaMi Smith said:
> >What the #$%@ is going on now ? ? ?
> When has anyone been as rude to you as you are to others?  Is it a special
> skill you have or something you practice hard at.

Actually Ian, I  am not always rude to others, and you know that, and neither are
you, but even you have been extremely rude on occasion.

I do not always flame on others, and you know that, and neither do you, but you have
especially done so on occasion.

I do not always dump on others, and you know that, and neither do you, but even you
have done so on occasion.

As even you have personally demonstrated here in this forum and others in the past,
there are occasions when it is both proper and necessary to be rude, or to flame, or
to dump, on someone or something, and I believe that this is one of them.

In this case, I dumped on Protel / Altium, specifically because of what I perceive
to be going on here with regards to them abandoning DXP Licensees and Users. Plain
and simple.

I am not being personally rude or slandering your good buddy (or would that be good
mate down under) for what he wrote, nor am I holding him personally accountable for
the actions that Protel / Altium as a Corporation seem to be taking, since those
actions are not personally attributable to him, but I nonetheless do believe that
the Corporation is in fact screwing over the DXP Licensees and Users. Again, plain
and simple.

I am on one hand rather surprised that you have been very very quiet respecting what
is going on here, but on the other hand, you have obviously had full knowledge of
what was going on here for a long time thru your good buddy and other contacts at
Protel / Altium, which has put you in a rather unique position, and I can respect
that you have to keep your mouth shut as far as criticism is concerned so that you
don't jeopardize those friendships and relationships.

But just because you have to keep your mouth shut, it doesn't mean that I or others
have to keep our mouths shut, respecting Protel / Altium raking us over the coals.

I find it very very interesting and very very telling that you cannot say anything
else about this whole situation other than complain about my manner of responding to
this situation.

Your good buddies at Protel / Altium are screwing us, and you have absolutely
nothing to say except that you consider me to be rude.

Well, I tell you something, since this is a open discussion group that consists of
men and women of all different sensitivities, I have tried to keep it fairly clean,
but I think you can read thru the lines what I really think of some turncoat smuck
like you who is a member of this forum, but yet keeps his mouth shut about what is
happening to your fellow users.

Seems to me that we have been here in the past, haven't we, where you have kept your
mouth shut about certain things simply to let them play out to the detrament of
others in the forum?

But I guess that you no longer really consider yourself a "user" any more, since you
have graduated to an "insider".

You have been very very quiet in all of the forums lately, and I guess we now all
know why.

> Why don't you make your point without the slander and bigotry?
> Ian Wilson

I don't believe that I have used slander or bigotry, and I actually think you got
the whole point very precisely, but that you couldn't respond to it in any other
way, other than make an issue out of my manner of presenting the problem.

Didn't I specifically ask you not to respond to me but rather respond to the

But you cannot respond to the "issue", can you.

The politest thing that I can think to call you in this circumstance is a smuck, and
I don't mean it in a bigotrous sense either, I am just trying to keep it clean and
respect the sensitivities of others in this forum, while at the same time let
everyone else know just exactly where your allegiances really lye .

Ian, please don't attack me or my mannerisms, simply because you cannot speak to the

I've got a great idea Ian, why don't you really come to the aid of the DXP Licensees
and Users and all of the other people in this forum, and come clean with what you
really know about everything that is going on with Protel / Altium in this current


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