I just knew that you could not speak to the issue.

You have only confirmed what was fairly obvious before, that you really are on the
Protel / Altium side of the fence.

You contribute greatly to the forum when there are small problems to be solved, but
you are nowhere to be found when an "issue" with your buddies at Protel / Altium
rears its ugly head, such as the current one where DXP licensees and users are being
totally abandoned for at least the next several months, if not permanently.

You have no real answer to the topic of discussion here, and the only thing that you
can try and do is save face by personally attacking me.

Ignoring me does not fix the problem, or address the issue.

Many DXP licensees and users need real hard information on what is happening with
DXP right now, so that they can plot their course of action for the next few months,
and maybe even the next few years. These people have nothing to do with me, other
than the fact that they are fellow licensees and fellow users.

Ian, don't penalize them by withholding the inside information you have regarding
DXP, and it's demise.

Yes, we all know that they will be given a new product, Protel 2004, but you
actually know now just how different that product is from the current DXP model, and
you actually know not only how different, but you also have a real good idea of the
transition that all of these licensees and users are facing, in order to stay in
business and keep their jobs, whilw still following the Protel / Altium product
line, and you choose not only keep your mouth shut on the issues, but you complain
about my mannerisms and put up a smoke screen instead.

Ian, this has nothing to do with me.

I am not going to let you hide behind personal issues.

For the third time now, I will directly ask you not to respond to me, but rather to
respond to the "issues".

Don't play childish games, and say you are not going to read any emails posted by
me, because that will not excuse you from being fair and honest with all of the
other DXP licensees and users in this forum.

And last but not least, just because you cannot handle the truth, please don't call
it bile.

Sure I'm upset with Protel / Altium, and what they are trying to pull off on the DXP
licensees and users.

You should be upset with them too - but no, your only upset with JaMi for speaking
out on the issue.

Don't answer me.

You need to answer the DXP licensees and users in this forum.


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> On 09:21 PM 21/11/2003, JaMi Smith said:
> >Ian,
> >
> >Please see below.
> No - I've wasted too much time on your ranting over the years.  Trying to
> be polite and give you the benefit of the doubt.  "Plink" - that is the
> sound of the JaMi filter being engaged. I am not reading your bile now,
> better things to do.  Maybe I will relax the filter in the months ahead or
> maybe not.
> Ian Wilson

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