> It is right that there is a sucker born every day, but you can not build
> a business plan counting on selling only to suckers.  You need to be
> able to sell to your existing customers and Altium seems to be
> specializing in alienating them.  I have personally prevented the sale
> of 3 seats of DXP in the last 4 months.  In each of the cases, the PO
> was already cut.

That reminds me of a Dilbert cartoon I saw years ago.  If I recall, Dilbert
was meeting with a customer when the MIS manager came around to Dilbert's
cubicle.  Dilbert introduced him to the customer, saying "This is Bill, the
Preventor of Information Services..."

With customers like you, who needs enemies? ;-)  What did you tell them to
buy instead of DXP?  Could they still buy 99SE, or did you recommend some
other brand?

But seriously, I read the Nexar pitch and it made me wonder.  LiveDesign
sounds good in theory, but what will it be like in actual use?  The IP
modules that are royalty-free, will source code be available (at no extra
charge) to fix bugs in the IP modules?  You know there will be bugs!  Will
we be able to create derivate works from the IP modules, to add or delete
functionality?  And who owns the rights to those derivates, us or the
original IP owners?  Will the IP modules be truly royalty-free, or will it
be the insane "per developed product" licensing scheme that is so prevalent
nowadays?  I have personally evaluated dozens of software IP licenses with
that crazy scheme and ruled every one of them out.  The reason - because it
doesn't fit the business model of a large number of product variations, each
of which is produced in the 10's - 1000's of units.  I guess every company
who uses that licensing scheme thinks that everyone will want to produce 1
or 2 products and make a million units of each.  In that scenario, the "per
developed product" license works.  But in the more common "many variations,
a few of each" scenario, that license doesn't make economic sense.  Hey,
software IP suppliers, wanna know why your IP doesn't sell as well as you
hoped?  It's the crazy "per developed product" license terms!

I don't mean to sound negative, but these issues are important, and I'm not
going to get excited over Nexar and LiveDesign until I see answers to these

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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