> My wife's business was using Quickbooks as book-keeping software.
> Quickbooks was lacking certain features that existed in another program,
> MYOB. Since I was frustrated, in particular, with how Quickbooks handled
> inventory transfers -- and I did all the book-keeping -- I decided to
> switch. When we made the transition, we were current with out
> It is now more than two years later, and we are far from catching up.
> Supposedly there were tools to transfer Quickbooks information into MYOB.
> And there were, but the limitations of these tools was not obvious until
> were in the middle of the process. And MYOB had its own irritating
> "features," which, in hindsight, were worse than the problems with
> Quickbooks. And Quickbooks, shortly after we made the switch, corrected
> some of the problems that had given me such motivation to switch, plus I
> also realized that there would have been workarounds I could have used
> that  would have made the switch unnecessary. This was a very expensive
> mistake, many hundreds of hours of my time.


Perhaps you were using the wrong Quickbooks product?  I use Quickbooks Pro
for my business, and it does everything I need EXCEPT inventory management.
The type of inventory management the all of the Quickbooks variants do is
not adequate for any business that buys components and builds them into
assemblies (i.e. a manufacturing or kitting operation).  But Quickbooks Pro
inventory management should be sufficient for retail or mail order
businesses (where you buy a gross of Care Bears, Beanie Babies, or whatever
is the rage now and simply resell them).  I don't think you've ever said
what type of business your wife has, but if it's manufacturing or kitting,
nothing Quickbooks will do it.  I handle it by using a custom inventory app
I wrote in Access several years ago.  My app sucks, but it's better than
nothing, and certainly better than the Quickbooks inventory module.  There
are other accounting software packages out there (Peachtree, etc.) that
handle inventory better, but they are not as easy for non-accountants to use
as Quickbooks.  I use Quickbooks Pro because basic principles of
double-entry bookkeeping and Quickbooks Pro is the absolute limit of what I
can tolerate.  Anything more and my head starts spinning - I leave the
dryness of accounting and the perverseness of the tax code to my accountant.
Dealing with science and natural law is easy - it never changes, only your
understanding of it does.  But since man's law is a completely arbitrary
fabrication, everything changes, at any time, and usually for no good
reason.  OK, that's another topic, not to be explored here.

BTW, I use an old version of Quickbooks Pro, before they added the
Activation nonsense that writes something to the MBR sector of your hard
drive.  Doubtful that I will be upgrading.  Find an older version (pre-2003)
of QB Pro if you want to use it.

Best regards,
Ivan Baggett
Bagotronix Inc.
website:  www.bagotronix.com

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