Altium is selling P99SE with a free upgrade to DXP. Then you get a free upgrade to 
P2004, so you have all three versions for the price of one. I am not trying to bring 
Altium sales up, just think that we should be fair to them and state all the facts. If 
your customers bought P99SE or DXP and both of you switched to P2004 at some point, it 
would still be cheaper for you to convert all your libraries from one version of 
Protel to another and to continue supporting the customer with SW you are (kind of, in 
case of DXP) familiar with than if you went for a new SW. Remember that Protel gets 
good to use around SP5 or 6, so its almost there.


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Dennis Saputelli wrote:

>So Hamid, are you going to give Protel 2004 a spin 
>when it is released?
If it is indeed free and I have time.

>it appears that the PCB side will essentially be DXP SP3
There you go believing the guys at Altium again.  What next?  Are you 
now going to start believing things that come out of the mouths of 

>and as Ivan has asked have you identified a competitive alternative 
>for you and your customers?
And as I answered in a previous post, I am not in the business of 
helping customers find alternatives.  I tell them that this is the CAD 
system that their product is being developed in and if they want to buy 
this CAD system, I will support them in learning it.  In the past, the 
only option that was presented was the latest version of Protel which 
the customers invariably bought.  Today, the only option is the dead end 
version of Protel (99SE), which I will be happy to support them in , but 
they would be crazy to buy (if it is even available for sale).  As for 
the specifics of the specific cases cited; one client may teach us their 
system (I have no idea what they use) while the other client is still 
deciding what they want to use.  

>but at some point i guess we will need to either jump ship or
>bite the bullet (hey! 2 cliches in one sentence)
As for our own company use, my first choice would be to jump ship.  I 
would rather take my chances with a company that I do not know than 
stick with the one I do know, because I know how bad they are.  

>the years of work in the libraries form a sort of trap, i 
>wouldn't relish having to recreate all those parts
Libraries are a huge investment.  However, if you are gaining 
productivity by going to a different software, you will come out ahead 
in the long run.


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