Whats with me this double clicking the "Reply" button and "shooting blanks" today?

Anyway, Bill,

I didn't realize that your Top Gun participation was back in 2000. Based on Mikes
comments I thought it was at the current 2004 PCB West (or is it not quite time for
that yet).

"Toolies" . . . What "toolies"? Pasadena (as in Rose Parade, Rose Bowl, and an
occasional Super Bowl and World Cup) isn't out in "the toolies", even if I do drive
about 140 miles one way to attend your IPC Designers Council Meetins down there in
San Diego. But on the other hand, I mean South Escondido is still South Escondido,
isn't it? Just because they are a few feet across the San Diego County Line and want
make it sound a little more upscale by calling it Rancho Bernardo . . . : )

Respecting my Jeep . . . alas, my poor Jeep . . . it died two and a half weeks ago
on Friday when a brand spanking new never even been sold yet 2004 Ford F250 4 Door
Crew Cab Diesel Truck with a $43,000.00 Sticker Price Sheet still in the window
turned left right in front of me in the rain, right out in front of Galpin Ford in
the San Fernando Valley, and I "T-Boned" it with my poor little Jeep Cherokee, on
the way back from picking up some PC Boards, a few blocks away from the Board House.
Fortunately my new Boards that I had just picked up were not damaged, but this last
Friday the other guys insurance adjuster (another Ford Dealer (he was doing what
they call a "dealer exchange")) told me that I need a new Jeep, and I can kiss this
one goodbye (although as of yet they haven't yet told me how much they are going to
give me for my poor little baby). I was however able to pick up my four little
letters, J, e, e, and p, from all of the rubble that was in the street after the
accident, so at least I can keep those . . . maybe even glue them up here on the top
of my Monitor . . .

Anyway, back to issues at hand.

You mention that you got a big manual with your Altium Training Class, and stated
that "It's about 300 pages of what should have shipped with the product".

Was that specifically a "Training Manual", just for the class, or is it possible
that that is the same as the "THICK manual" that Mike is talking about in the
initial post to this thread?


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> I was using P99SE. It was a challenge. Also knowing what I know now, I would
> have approached the design differently and might have placed higher in the
> rankings. But be that as it may, it was a good run for the money and I was
> in very good company at the time too. It was back in March of 2000 at PCB
> West in Santa Clara.
> Heheh.. you crack me up... ! I know you drive much farther than I do Bro...
> You live out in the toolies... That's why you drive that Jeep isn't it?
> No it wasn't a long trip for me... Maybe 40 min. They held the classes down
> in Mira Mesa in the old training center for one of those ITT Tech schools of
> some sort. I wish it had been at Altium HQ that would have been even closer
> for me.
> Bill Brooks
> PCB Design Engineer , C.I.D., C.I.I.
> Tel: (760)597-1500 Ext 3772 Fax: (760)597-1510
> Trip? what trip, aren't you located there in Vista there just about 20
> minuites away from Altium North Amarica over there in South Escondido?
> Respecting Top Gun, mentioned by Mike in a parallel post, I didn't know that
> you participated. Was that at PCB West? What did you use, Protel 99 SE, DXP,
> Protel 2004, or Mentor Expedition (which I know you can also drive)?
> JaMi

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