Firstly let me apologize for not yet responding to a few unresolved issues that
people have asked me about, but to which I have not had the time to answer. I will
get back to those posts and answer them as soon as I can.

On to the current issue.

I have been puzzled by the DXP Service Pack 3 (aka DXP 2004 (aka Protel 2004))
"Release Notes" ever since they have been posted on the Protel Website at:


It seems that much is being made about the supposed fact that there are so many "New
Features" in Service Pack 3 that Altium is justified in calling it a "New Product",
as opposed to just the long awaited and long overdue Release of "Service Pack 3".

As evidence of all of these "New Features", one is pointed to, among other things,
this "Release Notes" PDF list of things that have been fixed or resolved since the
Release of Service Pack 2.

The problem that I have with looking at this list, is that it uses DXP Service Pack
2 as a reference, or baseline, and thus the list looks quite impressive, at least
until you realize that many, if not most, of these "issues" have actually been fixed
or resolved by the first "DXP Pre-Release Service Pack 3", and the second "DXP
Pre-Release Service Pack 2 (Build 104)".

Is there any way to tell just what 'issues" have been fixed or resolved by the two
"Pre-Releases" of Service Pack 3, as opposed to what has been fixed or resolved
since those two Pre-Releases have been issued.

In reality, I do not believe that when the two Pre-Releases are taken into account,
and subtracted from the list, that you will have anywhere near 16 pages of fixed and
resolved issues.

When you look at what is left, is there really enough there to warrant calling the
final release of "Service Pack 3" a "New Product"?

It is not my intent here to discuss the differences between a "Service Pack" and an
"Upgrade to a New Product" (which even some Protel employees agree is vastly
different), which would be an appropriate topic or subject for another discussion,
but rather the real question that I am posing here is just what parts of this list
in the "Release Notes" has been previously resolved by the two "Pre-Releases" of
Service Pack 3.

Does anyone out there know the answer to this question, or how we can go about
finding it?

Respectfully submitted,

JaMi Smith

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