On 02:34 PM 18/03/2004, Abd ul-Rahman Lomax said:
At 04:56 PM 3/17/2004, Ian Wilson wrote:
On 08:31 AM 18/03/2004, Protel Hell said:
productivity, productivity, productivity
those are the three things that need improvement in DXP

This is an interesting comment. I don't like going back to P99SE for this very reason. I use DXP by preference, even with all the eye candy, due to the (generally) small things that improve productivity.

I've become active on the DXP list, even though my DXP productivity is a sad sight.

Having said that, it is clear to me that DXP is full of productivity enhancers. There are many features that we, as 99SE users, were asking for. This gets even better with DXP 2004.

The problem is that DXP really was a radical program reorganization in many ways. An expert 99SE user, trying to use DXP, is likely to run into obstacle after obstacle, unless he goes through a serious retraining. How much time will it take for overall productivity to become equal and then to surpass 99SE? I'd ask Mr. Wilson, he's been through it.

Too long ago to make a really sensible comment. I happen to be someone that picks up new stuff like this fairly fast and I happen to have a decent background in boolean logic which helps initially with the queries - all new users should remember the right click "Find Similar Objects" function.

Plenty of others have done it as well. There are *many* people sailing along making boards with DXP and now P2004. I am not unique. (As an aside: I am very tempted to just drop off PEDA as there is little but agro for me here. The action for me is elsewhere - that is where I can make changes to the software I use.)

A month of solid use and you would be fine, after a couple of weeks you would be over the hump and accelerating I'd guess. Certainly not insignificant. Some will be even faster than this.

If he says, "out of the box," though, I'm afraid I won't believe him.

No way out of the box.

Again and again, reading the 2004 book, I came across new features that were just what we had wanted. Bus translation, for example: you can connect D1-D4 in one bus to, say, IN3-IN0 in another. No, I have not looked at how the actual naming is managed.... (i.e., what ends up on the PCB).

Be careful - some of the really nice bus features are only available in an FPGA project - such as bus splitting objects that can collect a bunch of disparate nets into a bus (nRD, nWr, nFLASHCS, etc all gathered into a bus MEM_CTRL). I was quite annoyed when I found out about this restriction.

Is there any good list of DXP features not found in 99SE?

Nick Martin has referenced one on the Protel web site. http://www.protel.com/newin2004.htm

I would guess these are new since DXP - I am not sure if there is a list around that gives the features from P99SE to DXP. There is my own personal summary of likes and dislikes - this has not been updated since SP2 for DXP:


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