Well I want to address the remark about whether EDA companies listen or not,
ask questions, etc.

This past week I was invited to a show and tell of one of the competitor
products new versions. I make no secret that I have switched a few companies
out of the competitive seats. Basically the companies wanted to switch out
for one or both of the following reasons: A:) the cost of paying
maintenance, I'll qualify this as to finances of the various outfits,
whether they are cheap or running on short pursestrings I don't know. B:)
Ease of use, with the downturn of the tech economy many keep minimal staff
and the competitor packages were overly difficult to learn quickly.
Obviously word got back when maintenance or whatever wasn't renewed.

Back to the lunch and learn session, well the other EDA company has seen the
light of ease of use and an integrated suite. Also they added some nearly
stolen concepts from P99SE, at both the PCB and Schematic levels. So the
moral of the story is Protel had a great vision with the integrated suite,
imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, and currently it seems Protel
has gotten a bit off track from the original concept. I would not be too
hasty to jump ship at this moment, but Altium should read some of the
writing on the wall and learn from what the competition is doing.

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> At 02:40 PM 4/10/2004, John A. Ross [RSDTV] wrote:
> >It is a sad fact that Altium would prefer to listen to the 'few' than the
> >many as regards how their tools are now styled, viewed and the direction
> >that they have taken.
> This brings us to a classic problem, that of the alleged "silent
> Unless you actually survey a population, you don't really know what the
> population, as a whole thinks, and even polls and surveys can be
> problematic. Many people simply assume that the majority thinks the way
> they do. I think I have a solution.
> >By the few I mean the 'yes' men who will agree to anything from Altium
> >betters their own needs [...]
> Hmmm.... Isn't it normal for people to agree with something that "betters
> their own needs"?
> It seems fairly clear that some users *like* DXP and others don't. The
> balance is far from clear.
> Anyway, I'd like to see better communication between Altium and the users,
> and that is going to require a certain level of organization of the users.
> You can't communicate with someone who is incoherent, and there is no
> active mechanism which will allow the users to speak coherently. So there
> is just whatever happens to be written on the mailing lists, often by
> who are disproportionally motivated to write (and I include myself in
> or whatever Altium privately gleans from isolated users (or, perhaps,
> determines more scientifically, I certainly don't know the extent or power
> of Altium's research in this area).
> And I'm going to have to write about that on

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