At 07:16 PM 4/11/2004, John A. Ross [RSDTV] wrote:
You can hardly call me silent [...]

I'm not sure where Mr. Ross lives, but in the United States various politicians have been known to use the term "silent majority" to claim that anyone who disagrees with them merely represents some extremist fringe, and they are the true spokespeople for the majority.

My point was that we don't know how the majority feels simply from how we individually feel, nor do we necessarily know it from the squeaky wheels. This is *not* a criticism of squeaky wheels, nor is it any attempt to denigrate Mr. Ross or what he has been saying.

As far as being coherent, I will devote as much time, documentation and
effort as otherwise required to get my point across, on one simple

In my usage of the word, then, Mr. Ross is a single photon. "Coherent" as I used it would mean some coordinated expression of users, not merely an individual expression.

That is as long as I believe my efforts are not wasted, nor in vain, or that
they are actually being acknowledged at all.

Yes, though the last clause is ... incoherent. :-) At least I couldn't quite make sense of it. But the point is clear from the first part. ("Coherent" is here used to mean "unintelligible," which is *not* how I was using it in my previous post.)

The last point is Altiums weakness. An insular community and train of
thought. There are many specialists who could compile a survey for Altium,
in my experience home grown surveys, even by the most experienced
'marketing' types is flawed from the start.

I don't know what kind of surveying Altium has done. I've received informal calls, and it is possible that something was being compiled from these. But I do have in mind a more active form of communication between users and the company.

I see helping other users without reward a positive use of my time.

As do I.

If I think for a moment I am wasting my time I would rather spend it on my
kids & my family, they are by far my preferred future investment.


I guess you just see my comments as being incoherent, ineffective, a waste
of your reading tome and of no practical use. So be it.

No, that is not at all how I see Mr. Ross's writing. When I see writing that is a waste of time I pass it by!

Mr. Ross, unfortunately, appears to have taken some very general comments I made as if they were directed at him, merely because his post triggered the observations. I'll quote what I wrote that might have occasioned this:

"Anyway, I'd like to see better communication between Altium and the users, and that is going to require a certain level of organization of the users. You can't communicate with someone who is incoherent, and there is no active mechanism which will allow the users to speak coherently."

"Incoherent" did not refer to Mr. Ross, but to the body of users -- all of us --, who have no means of communicating "coherently," that is, with one voice (ideally, representing a broad consensus). The mailing lists function partially toward this direction, sometimes, but not reliably.

I'll ignore the other bait ;)

There was an implicit invitation at the end of my post for users to join in developing coherence (on [EMAIL PROTECTED], which has decision-making mechanisms); I could speculate that Mr. Ross is saying that he will ignore this, but, to be truthful, I don't really know what he meant.

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