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Altium better start to listen to folks like Ray. Ray came to the same conclusions that everyone else has about DXP without anyone holding a prompter if front of him. Ray's statement are pretty significant from a marketing standpoint

I was at the PCB design expo last month. Altium was a no-show. I talked to a number of vendors (not just PCB design software vendors) about how the show was going etc. When I mentioned that I was using Protel, a number of them wanted to know what was going on with Protel. Several vendors independently told me that they had seen a lot of very unhappy current Protel customers at the show looking for a new package. As one DFM software vendor put it, he did not see how Altium could avoid going under with the number of unhappy customers he had seen at the show.

The fact is that Altium avoided the PCB expo where PCB designers could be found and showed up in force at the Embedded Systems show where few existing customers would be around. This can lead one to only two conclusions: 1) Altium is doing a fundamental change in their business model and is abandoning the PCB end of things and moving to a high level design entry company. or 2) Altium is now completely focused on the short term and is looking for a quick buck wherever it can be found with no emphasis on continuing customer relations and support for existing customers.

I personally liked Mentor Expedition and will most probably switch later in the year. Yes, Expedition is several times more expensive than Protel, but after I take my time and the cost of a Protel induced disaster into account, it is looking dirt cheap.

I will most probably evaluate DXP/2004, if I ever actually see the upgrade. I received an e-mail from Altium almost 6 weeks ago stating that my upgrade was shipping, but have yet to see it. Calls to Altium have yielded nothing more than excuses and bold faced lies: "No upgrades were ever shipped before March 14" If Altium can not manage a simple task of shipping an upgrade to a customer, how on the earth do they expect me to trust them to put out a software that actually works?


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