I agree John.

If the tool works and is doing the job well for you....why change?

Upgrading is always nice as supposedly the next version should be more
stable than the last (not always the case), and more "features" are included
(which also usually means more complicated use), but one must also remember
the hidden downsides:

1) newer versions of software usually use more disk space;
2) run slower (Protel seems to be taking the queue from Microsoft and
churning out bloatware);
3) use more system resources;
4) often require unlearning and re-learning

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Subject: [PEDA] Dinosaurs or Ostrich

Ha ha ha..  Now that's funny.

Here's an opinion from a dinosaur.  Probably at least 10 to 20
hours to learn the basic elements of the new system (XP) and
unlearn the features of the old one.  At $85/Hr that could be
$1700 plus of course the upgrade price of $3000 so we're up to
$4700.   Now if I want to take $5 per hour from each productive
hour and allocate it to upgrades as opposed to profit,  then I
have to work, using the new system, for 940 hours of essentially
full time billable hours doing layout and design, (for 1/2
year), before I see that extra $5/hr back as profit.  If I don't
upgrade to XP I have an extra $4700 at the end of that 1/2 year.

However,  I probably only do 200 hours per year of actual layout
and schematic design,  the rest is consulting, and software and
accounting and sales etc.  So it would take me almost 5 years
before I start seeing my $5/hour as profit again.  Oops.  In 3
years it's time for PROTEL QP (or whatever) as a $3000 (not
upgrade or bug fix of course) enhancement to Protel XP.

Nine years ago,  I bought the top line 3HP Delta Table saw for
just over $1000.  I've haven't received emails from Delta
suggesting that my table saw is out of date and that I should
replace it every 3 years or so.  And none of my friends or
clients suggest I'm a dinosaur because I think a tool like a
tablesaw (and Protel is just a tool) should be replaced every 3
years just because a newer model is available.  And if Delta
produced a saw that went out of alignment and wasn't as usable
after 3 years,  my next purchase probably wouldn't be Delta.

So am I an dinosaur,  or just someone who hasn't got a sugar
daddy company buying me new tools whenever they show up because
they're cool?

I'll be the dinosaur thanks.

John Dammeyer

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> I'm doing quite nicely Joe, thanks for asking
> Never left, nor do I intend to, I am fascinated by the people
> who choose not
> to update to DXP2004, are they ostrich's or dinosours? Or
> Dodo bird. That is
> what I want to know. I installed DXP 2004 a month ago, like
> it much better
> than DXP but still glad I am paid by the hour.
> increased work has not kept me from enjoying sailing on
Thursdays and
> Sundays, marathon canoeing on Mondays
> how's it going with you?
> PH

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