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> John,
> If you are truly getting ready for retirement maybe we can 
> address you al old man Ross???


Hopefully I have a few years left yet.... 
> The changeover is inevitable, personally I see where the tool 
> can go and I'm starting to invest my time to it. Working 
> outside a large company I can also see that if layout doesn't 
> wind up outsourced overseas(US) those of us that stay in PCB 
> layout/design will do well, I get the impression that Junior 
> engineers are not the same way as some of us have been, they 
> all sorta think they are bosses, I'm not sure how to 
> accurately articulate my impressions of the current crop of  
> engineers and I trust this is accurate enough to convey my 
> impressions.

Customer demand my friend, I have some still on Pads Perform, still have some on 
Protel 2.8, the
majority on 99SE and a very few on DXP2004.

When I changed to P98 I managed without to much effort to get the majority to at least 
keep a seat,
>From P98 >99SE was also a very positive change, despite the DDB introdcuction.

I would be more than happy to try and egg them on a little to a common, up to date 
platform, but the
general feelings on DXP, even 2004 has been a bit, well to tell the truth, extremely 
negative and
some of the larger names, which Altium like to boast as customers have point blank 
refused to accept
anything other than 99SE designs. Despite even demontsrting some features in person at 
one clients
site last time I was in Germany, and the engineers liking them, they would not budge 
from 99SE.

The resistance to change to the DXP platform, regardless of their motives, has been 
extremely poor
compared to previous versions. One of our policies for accepting external work is that 
the client
should supply the toolset of there choice to use and they must maintain it with the 
latest versions
(support etc) and the resistance to change has been very noticable.

Now, time to hunt some food.....


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