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> At 28-7-2004 22:23, John A. Ross [RSDTV] wrote:
> >If say
> >
> >PCB editor is open with MYLIB library loaded, I open MYLIB
> for editing,
> >I then add a new footprint to MYLIB, save and close it,
> Only the save is essential.....
> >If I browse the library within the PCB editor the new
> footprint is not
> >yet available A push process of update PCB still does not make the
> >footprint available.
> >If I remove MYLIB and then add it back in the new footprint is now
> >available for use.
> You do not have to remove/re-add the library, clicking on it
> in the navigator pane will do the trick....
> I have several HF 'components' (read: copper structures) that
> are board specific and need fine-tuning when I create the
> final PCB; so I switch back and forth a lot and have the
> library open for editing at the same time I am working in the
> PCB.... This neat little trick save loads of time.


What I mean is that if a new component is added to the library, on the
fly, it does not appear until the library is reloaded.

Just clicking on the navigator pane in the PCB editor does not work for
me, never has.

So I open my PCB for edit, it has the default MYLIB loaded.
First part in that list is 0402,
so I place that on the PCB.
I want to create a new footprint,
so quick way to open MYLIB is simply to click EDIT in the navigator
The library editor is now opened.
So I highlight 0402 in the lib editor navigator panel,
right click, copy then paste the new footprint into the library,
rename the new 0402-DUPLICATE to 0402-2.
If I go to the PCB editor now, and click the navigator panel as you
suggest, the footprint 0402-2 is not available. It only becomes
available when the library is removed/reloaded.

I can switch back/forward without problem for footprints that exist
already in the library, parts created on the fly never seem to appear
without a reload of the library.

Anything I missed above?


I just did what you described: opened an existing pcb, went to the library editor via 'edit' in the navigator, copied and renamed an existing footprint (thus creating a new one), clicked on the save button, stepped back to the pcb and clicked on the library name: presto!, the new component showed up in the list....
I even checked it with removal of components, that works too for me....

There is defenitely something very weird going on.
Be it in my installation, yours, or both.

Leo Potjewijd
hardware designer
Integrated Engineering B.V.

+31 20 4620700

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