On Feb 16, 11:57 am, Ken Snyder <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Andrew Dupont wrote:
> Do you have a list of pseudo-elements you want to support?

The list you posted is more or less my list, in terms of priority.

> Do we want to address pseudo-elements that normally refer to text nodes
> or fragments such as :first-letter, :first-line, and ::selection?

I'd rather walk barefoot across a barbecue.

> So are you asking someone to define corresponding entries in NewSelector
> such as  NewSelector.criteria.pseudo and NewSelector.patterns.pseudo?

Yeah.  The more specific and obscure these selectors get, the harder
the pattern gets, and the harder the XPath gets.  The non-xpath logic
is a bit more straightforward, but then optimization is the tricky
part there.


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