Andrew Dupont a écrit :
> That bothers me because simply querying '#story p:first-letter'
> modifies the document.  $$ is a mechanism for reading nodes, not
> modifying them, so I think the confusion this would cause would
> outweigh any syntactic elegance.

That's very much my view, too.  Plus, the suggested implementation will
add a new <span> layer *every time*.  It is clear that creating a span
in there could result in dramatic unexpected changes due to styling.

This is the whole point of pseudo-elements: they're named that way
because they refer to things that are *not* DOM elements (as opposed to
pseudo-classes, which refer to DOM elements satisfying specific
state/structural criteria).

I also think we're very much on an edge case here: if you intend to
manipulate first letters/words by script, you could very much wrap them
in a span originally (e.g. wherever the page's XHTML is generated), CSS
around it, etc.

Christophe Porteneuve a.k.a. TDD
"[They] did not know it was impossible, so they did it." --Mark Twain

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