Os de Launchpad fixeron os deberes.

Semella que xa integraron todo o conversionflow de xpi a pofile
internamente polo que exportando o xpi desde o Narro keko pode importalo
directamente en Launchpad tendo o Firefox totalmente traducido en

Non sendo asi para o resto de Linux, Mac OS e Windows para esta primeira

Veña Keko que xa falta pouco para que teñas os permisos no Mercurial e
logo xa podemos respirar tranquilos polo FF e demais produtos de

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El dc 19 de 01 de 2011 a les 16:47 +0100, en/na Ole Andreas Utstumo va
> Hello,
> I've corrected the bug that occured during the import of the Firefox
> Norwegian Nynorsk upstream files, but I can't quite figure out how to
> convert them to a .po file, which the import process is requireing.
> moz2po is outputting folders containing the same mozilla files, so
> clearly I'm doing something wrong. Or nowhere near.
> Could anyone lend a helping hand?
> Thanks!
> Ole Andreas Utstumo
> Ubuntu Norwegian Translators admin

Hi Ole,

You don't need to do any conversion. The only thing required is, as
mentioned in the bug, to coordinate with upstream to get this fixed
there. By the comments on the upstream bug, it seems it has already

In addition to that, you can help getting translations into Ubuntu by
reuploading the failed translation file with the fix.

In order to do that, you can:

     1. Go to
     2. Get the nn-NO.xpi file from there
     3. Uncompress it (xpi files are basically zip files)
     4. Fix the file with the error
     5. Compress the files back using zip compression, naming the file
        as the original (nn-NO)
     6. Change the extension of the compressed file you've created
        from .zip to .xpi
     7. Upload this file to
     8. Watch the file getting imported at

Note: if you cannot do step 7 due to lack of permissions, let me know
and I can do the upload for you.


P.S. I haven't forgotten the other questions on this thread, I'm just
starting by the easy ones. For the others, I'll need to investigate a
bit more.

David Planella
Ubuntu Translations Coordinator
www.ubuntu.com / www.davidplanella.wordpress.com
www.identi.ca/dplanella / www.twitter.com/dplanella

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