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Jargon File?
frobnicate /frob'ni-kayt/ vt. [Poss. derived from {frobnitz}, and?
usually abbreviated to {frob}, but `frobnicate' is recognized as the?
official full form.] To manipulate or adjust, to tweak. One frequently?
frobs bits or other 2-state devices. Thus: "Please frob the light?
switch" (that is, flip it), but also "Stop frobbing that clasp; you'll?
break it". One also sees the construction `to frob a frob'. See {tweak}?
and {twiddle}.
Usage: frob, twiddle, and tweak sometimes connote points along a?
continuum. `Frob' connotes aimless manipulation; `twiddle' connotes?
gross manipulation, often a coarse search for a proper setting; `tweak'?
connotes fine-tuning. If someone is turning a knob on an oscilloscope,?
then if he's carefully adjusting it, he is probably tweaking it; if he?
is just turning it but looking at the screen, he is probably twiddling?
it; but if he's just doing it because turning a knob is fun, he's?
frobbing it. The variant `frobnosticate' has been recently reported.

On Sunday 15 June 2008 11:25:42 mvillarino wrote:
> Olá,
> estou con problemas en dous ficheiros de extensións de Kipi, o de pisasaweb
> e o de flickr.
> En ambos os dous aparece "Frob", sen moito contexto. As mensaxes son as
> seguintes:
> @extragear-graphics/kipiplugin_flickrexport
> #: flickrtalker.cpp:142
> Getting the Frob
> #: flickrtalker.cpp:516
> Invalid Frob
> @extragear-graphics/kipiplugin_picasawebexport
> #: picasawebtalker.cpp:576
> Invalid Frob
> A definición de "Frob" en foldoc é a seguinte:
> frob
>  /frob/ 1. [MIT] The TMRC definition was "FROB = a protruding arm or
> trunnion"; by metaphoric extension, a "frob" is any random small thing; an
> object that you can comfortably hold in one hand; something you can frob
> (sense 2). See frobnitz.
>  2. Abbreviated form of frobnicate.
>  3. [MUD] A command on some MUDs that changes a player's experience level
> (this can be used to make wizards); also, to request wizard privileges on
> the "professional courtesy" grounds that one is a wizard elsewhere. The
> command is actually "frobnicate" but is universally abbreviated to the
> shorter form.
> Algunha idea?
> --
> Best regards,
> MV

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