estou con problemas en dous ficheiros de extensións de Kipi, o de pisasaweb e 
o de flickr.
En ambos os dous aparece "Frob", sen moito contexto. As mensaxes son as 

#: flickrtalker.cpp:142
Getting the Frob
#: flickrtalker.cpp:516
Invalid Frob

#: picasawebtalker.cpp:576
Invalid Frob

A definición de "Frob" en foldoc é a seguinte:
 /frob/ 1. [MIT] The TMRC definition was "FROB = a protruding arm or 
trunnion"; by metaphoric extension, a "frob" is any random small thing; an 
object that you can comfortably hold in one hand; something you can frob 
(sense 2). See frobnitz. 
 2. Abbreviated form of frobnicate. 
 3. [MUD] A command on some MUDs that changes a player's experience level 
(this can be used to make wizards); also, to request wizard privileges on 
the "professional courtesy" grounds that one is a wizard elsewhere. The 
command is actually "frobnicate" but is universally abbreviated to the 
shorter form.

Algunha idea?
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