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One more thing:

I should add that limiting the number of displayed records to 1000 works
fine, so I could fix the problem by using a paging arrangement.

The test _dbs has 3111 records by 6 fields making 18666 menu items.
That is well within the limit of items (<32K) WMAN2 can handle in the AW.
Records times Fields must be less.
But there is also a limit in S*Basic of 65K for indexing second and third dimensions, in this case Fields x Field_length (including length word). As you used Fields as the first dimension instead, 2nd (Records: 3111) times 3rd (length: 20 +2) would be just too much. As records will in most cases be the highest number, making it the first dimension is the best choice. So checking these limits and using paging is the only option for a large database that exceed these limits.


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