Was he a truck driver or a certified mobility tech? There are some simple  
test that be performed with a multi-volt tester and a coiled load tester.   
Just make sure that your insurance carrier doesn't pay for an evaluation, 
using  a truck driver instead of a certified tech.
Best Wishes
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The chair  shop just sent a guy out to check my chair, to see why the 
batteries are not  holding a charge. I get about 3 to 4 miles. I use to go 8 
miles fine. I do not  think he knew his butt from a hole in the ground. All his 
answers were “Charge  it longer, needs 12 hours a day” I've been in a chair 
34 years, never charged  it 12 hours a day and I wet 13 miles one day. Just 
got new batteries 2 ½  months ago. He did no real testing other than an 
Amp? Meter. They will replace  the batteries, and hope its that. Hope its not 
the chair draining them for  some reason. I'd like to get it at least running 
good before I get a new one.  I'd like to keep it as my backup.

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