"An agenda against Qubes goal". Lol, that would been really arrogant because I 
joined Linux only 3 months ago and I have everything to learn.

But if you want to talk about what Qubes provides, I have my opinion on the 
subject : Qubes greatest innovation is kinda making business of privacy rights, 
you can either consider it as a very offensive hacking tool platform, a Kali 
Linux best ally, a weapon which imo can do more harm than good, either a noob 
trap. That's obviously not the way I want the Internet to evolve, if you don't 
mind. As if posting here with this very friendly PRISM data collection provided 
by Google would make Qubes community trustworthy. What a joke.

If M. Snowden would have used Qubes instead of Tails to make his revelations to 
everyone about global surveillance, he would probably be in jail right now. I 
guess vast majority of folks shocked about what his revelations showed would be 
really unhappy about that.

So for people really considering privacy rights in an opened and a good manner 
way, you have Tails, and when it's time to discuss about security by default on 
a fresh new system, you have OpenBSD. Rest is just business and making profits 
under a license you currently don't own. Richard Stallman would be proud.

Also when you can read on the Whonix FAQ 
 this very arrogant statement "There is now Qubes OS, OpenBSD lacks such 
innovative security improvements, which claims.", you got another big joke 
right there.

What makes the Internet still a little bit secured right now is coming directly 
from MIT and Unixmen that developed OpenSSH. I guess showing more respect for 
an OS that has been compromised like 2 times in 20 years and which policies are 
what the Internet world needs might help. But yeah, you can think of the 
Internet as a battleground, I don't really mind, it's not the way I see it.
You have people concerned about building inoffensive fortresses or shields, to 
make sure Internet stays what it was at the very beginning (a space to provide 
educational content, to share ideas in a peaceful way) and you have people that 
use it as if it was a weapon. What a shame. So long Qubes.

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