On 12/27/2017 11:05 PM, cooloutac wrote:

sorry for the spam I don't mean to make fun.
You only do that to yourself.

You are immature and you are going to get someone killed if you keep this up.
Basically I can't see it being easier to exploit the ps/2 then usb.   For one 
how can you spoof a device?  And there is no other free ports, so can't have 
multiple devices.
This is why I don't want you giving advice because you have absolutely zero idea of what you are doing and you simply refuse to learn.

Someone in a third world country is going to get his disk password read by the government hitmen in the basement of his apartment complex (read the article I provided) and he is going to die because of all the bullshit spun forth on this listserv, or (venezuela) his crypto-currency will be stolen and he will be un-able to feed his family.
Why are you so naive? How can you not believe that this happens? People are dying because they have poor security.
It seems to me you should be more worried about the actual keyboard you are 
using then what board you are connecting it to.
Mine is made in the united states by a trustworthy company, and it doesn't have re-writable memory as nearly every keyboard on the market does.

Money well spent as I will never have to purchase another one, already a decade and a half old but it still looks good as new.
   And then if we really want to get down to PARANOID.  They might as well put 
listening devices in there as well as recording all your keystrokes lol.  Maybe 
put a microscopic camera in your keyboard too.

Who do you think is tapping the "ground wire" of your keyboard?   Is it the 
CIA?  hehe...
This isn't about me - who lives in a safe and free western country - this is about the people who you are giving dangerous advice to who for all I know could be dissidents in one of the worlds less friendly places to live.

On 12/27/2017 10:52 PM, cooloutac wrote:

Just realized that you prefer to have mouse and kb on the same usb controller 
rather then using ps/2 port.
There isn't anything wrong with that, both are critical input devices and can do near equally as much damage.
If you can't trust your keyboard and mouse you have already lost.

You seem to not have noticed that the developers mentioned a PS/2 internal *laptop* keyboard not a desktop keyboard (to avoid laptop USB based attacks) - there is a large difference between the one in your laptop and the one connected to a traditional port on a desktop the protocol is the same but the physical characteristics of the cable are different, most laptops lack a ground wire and one can simply unplug from the wall if they do or obtain a ground removal plug.

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