On Wednesday, December 27, 2017 at 11:05:22 PM UTC-5, cooloutac wrote:
> sorry for the spam I don't mean to make fun.   Basically I can't see it being 
> easier to exploit the ps/2 then usb.   For one how can you spoof a device?  
> And there is no other free ports, so can't have multiple devices.
> It seems to me you should be more worried about the actual keyboard you are 
> using then what board you are connecting it to.  And then if we really want 
> to get down to PARANOID.  They might as well put listening devices in there 
> as well as recording all your keystrokes lol.  Maybe put a microscopic camera 
> in your keyboard too.  
> Gaming keyboards are probably the most unsafe.   lol I got one that has two 
> usb wires,  one to program the keyboard.  I just never plug that one in, I'm 
> actually still not sure whats its for lmao,    but it still has macros and I 
> wouldn't plug that keyboard into a machine with sensitive data.

All my workstation boards also have two controllers.   one for the two usb 
ports next to the ps/2.   I've always assumed for mouse and keyboard.   

But I consider my sys-usb unsafe.  And even if you use a separate vm for mouse 
and kb its still proxying and still used for the most sensitive tasks.   I use 
a mouse proxy from sys-usb,  only after following Mareks advice of having 
screenlock come on in a min or two so attacker doesn't have time to do 
anything.   But I would never risk using a kb like that.

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