On 12/27/2017 09:40 PM, cooloutac wrote:

I would suggest, as advice I followed from qubes docs,  is to just try to find 
a board that has a manual describing iommu/vt-d options as available. 
Preferably manual stating its on by default. The best of all scenarios being a 
manual that shows a picture of the option with it enabled.
That doesn't mean anything, I have bought two boards that had what you describe and what do you know they didn't actually support it (and these were server/embedded boards) This is why one should purchase a board with libre firmware so any issues can be fixed as I always suggest.

I also suggest not calling IOMMU "VT-d" as that makes people think it is an intel only technology (AMD's is AMD-Vi - both should be referred to by the generic name)
I would also suggest something with a ps/2 port for your keyboard, and using a 
usb to ps/2 adapter for better security.
Stop giving out bad advice.
>>>>>>>> what you are doing can get people killed <<<<<<<<
Qubes is used by people in oppressive regimes where a single mistake will end your life and the lives of your family.

As I have stated before PS/2 is the furthest thing from secure due to leaks on the ground wire.
Ideally you would have more than one USB controller - and the KCMA-D8/KGPE-D16 have two. One for keyboard and mouse one for USB flash drives or what not and both without shared assets or board integrated non removable devices such as the common setup on a laptop where there is some silly no longer security updated "security" co-processor or what not always hooked up to one of the USB controllers.

Look man I know what it was like to be your age and wanting approval, wanting to be helpful even just when it comes to random people on the internet but you gotta stop and let the experts handle tech support for software like this. Learn more and then please go help on a forum where the stakes are not so high.

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