sorry for the spam I don't mean to make fun.   Basically I can't see it being 
easier to exploit the ps/2 then usb.   For one how can you spoof a device?  And 
there is no other free ports, so can't have multiple devices.

It seems to me you should be more worried about the actual keyboard you are 
using then what board you are connecting it to.  And then if we really want to 
get down to PARANOID.  They might as well put listening devices in there as 
well as recording all your keystrokes lol.  Maybe put a microscopic camera in 
your keyboard too.  

Gaming keyboards are probably the most unsafe.   lol I got one that has two usb 
wires,  one to program the keyboard.  I just never plug that one in, I'm 
actually still not sure whats its for lmao,    but it still has macros and I 
wouldn't plug that keyboard into a machine with sensitive data.

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